News from Estonia - Baltic Offshore Week

Kalev Yacht Club’s yacht Forte brought home the gold medal and
the title of Finnish Champion from Baltic Offshore Week

The international Baltic Offshore Week Regatta held in Pirita, which was also the fifth stage of the Offshore Sailing Estonian Cup of the EYU and Open Finnish Offshore Championships in ORC class, ended on Sunday, August 7th. During the offshore and coastal race as well as five short windward-leeward races held during three days the best results among the Estonian yachts were shown by Kalev Yacht Club’s yacht Forte with the team of Jaak Jõgi who were awarded as winners of the competition as wellas with the title of Finnish Offshore Sailing Champion in class ORC 1.

During three days 50 yachts from Estonia, Finland and Latvia competed on three courses – in offshore sailing, windward-leeward race and coastal race.On Friday, the longest 44-57 mile offshore stage was raced,Saturday morning started with two races on windward-leeward short tracks and in the afternoon a 12-17 mile coastal race was raced. On Sunday three more windward-leeward races were held. The first and second group raced all the planned seven races, but the third and fourth group could race only six races due to the fact that the calm that prevailed by the evening of Friday interrupted the offshore sailing stage of these groups. In drawing up the ranking all results of the competition races were taken into account. Friday was characterised by sunshine and calm in the morning, which later turned to North West wind of 2-3 m/s and then again disappeared late in the afternoon. The windward-leeward races were held in very good conditions – cloudy, partially rainy weather and an even South wind of 4-5 m/s. The sunny weather on Sunday and the South West wind of 4-5 m/s also favoured sailing. The gala award ceremony of the regatta took place on Sunday at Kalev Yacht Club.

In the ORC 1 group a very good and stable racing was shown on Sunday by yacht Forte (X-41), steered by Jaak Jõgi from Kalev Yacht Club, winning the second, third and first place in the three short windward-leeward races and won the regatta with an overwhelming general score of nine points, also winning the Finnish Champion title in offshore sailing ORC 1 class. The second place of the second competition day was held also on Sunday by yacht Lady Bird (Akton 395), steered by Karl-Hannes Tagu from Pärnu Yacht Club with the series of 5-4-4 and in total 19 points. Yacht Amserv (Grand Soleil 42 R) with the team of Juss Ojala from the Hiiumaa club Dagö won two excellent first places and one second place in the windward-leeward races on Sunday and lost the second place by merely 0.2 points. There were 10 yachts competing in the group.

In the second group the leaders of the first competition day held their positions after the short windward-leeward races on Sunday. The first position was maintained with the set of 1-5-5 on Sunday and with the total score of 11.8 Finnish yacht Audi (Salona 37), which was steered
by Jani Lehti
. Audi also won the entire regatta and the Finnish Champion title in ORC 2 class. The set of 5-2-1 from the windward-leeward races on Sunday and the total score of 21 gave the second place to the yacht Debora Rodriques from the Noblessner harbour (First 34.7), steered
by Eero Pank
. With 25.2 points, the third place in the second group was awarded to Finnish yacht Xantippa (X-362 Sport), steered by Rauli Leino. There were 18 yachts competing in the group.

The winners of the three first places of the third group were finally clear after the windward-leeward races on Sunday. Here the winning places of the regatta as well as the medals of the Finnish Championships were awarded to Finnish yachts. The first place was secured with 12.2 points
by Ilmarinen (Dufour 34) steered by Pauli Wetterstrand. The second place was awarded with 14.6 points to Phoenix (X-332) steered by Pekka Halonen. Alexia (X-332), steered by Staffan Eriksson, which had been holding the second place on Saturday came to third place with 15.4 points. The best Estonian yacht, Enel from Kalev Yacht Club, steered by Toomas Soots came in tenth. There were 13 yachts competing in the group.

In the fourth group the competition for the first place was very tight. Regardless of the fact that yacht Edasi (Polaris) with the team of Koit Pauts from Haapsalu Yacht Club won all the first places in Sunday’s windward-leeward races and in total 8.4 points, the total score of the Finnish yacht Charlotta (Finn Express 83), steered by Harald Hannelius was lower by 1.2 points and thus Charlotta won the first place of the regatta as well as the Finnish Championship title in ORC 4 class. Third place was won by Merihunt, steered by Andrus Leinštrep from Kalev Yachtclub (X-79) with 18.8 points. The Sunday set of Merihunt was 2-2-4.8. There were 9 yachts competing in the group.

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The Offshore Sailing Estonian Cup of the EYC consists in total of six regattas. The Kessu regatta sailed near Haapsalu on 3 July was followed by the endurance sailing competition Watergate regatta on 7-9 July that started and ended in Pärnu. Thereafter, on 11-17 July the yachts sailed at
the traditional Moonsund Regatta, which was also the Estonian Offshore Championships. On 30-31 July Tallinn Championships were held and on 4-7 August the yachts sailed in Tallinn at Baltic Offshore Week. The last stage of the series is the Ruhnu regatta held on 13 August, where the yachts sail around the island of Ruhnu.The participating yachts are divided into four groups on the basis of the competition value - ORC I, ORC II, ORC III, ORC IV. In all groups the results of the four best stages are taken into account in the total of the series.

In the summary of the Offshore Sailing Estonian Cup, the results of the four best stages are taken into account. The sum of the points of the results is calculated according to the points table where the coefficient of the Moonsund Regatta and Baltic Offshore Week is 1.2; the coefficient of the Watergate Regatta and Tallinn Championships is 1.1; the coefficient of the Kessu Regatta and RuhnuRegatta is 1.

Baltic Offshore Week regatta was organised by ESS Kalev Yacht Club and Helsinki Yacht Club HSK in co-operation with the Estonian Yachting Union and Finnish Offshore Sailing Union. The last Baltic Offshore Week took place in Tallinn in 2008 with the participation of 43 yachts. As compared to the last event, there were 18 yachts more – in total 22 yachts from Estonia, 27 from Finland and one from Latvia.


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