BigBoat Challenge - Redux

cooperationnewsHardly no one around the german Offshore- Scene knows this event. Big mistake. With the annual “BigBoat Challenge” taking place simultaneously to the “Nordseewoche”, competing in both events gets complicated but: Kerteminde was sure worth a visit.

By way of change, we a board “Inschallah” decided not to go to Heligoland but to seek our racing upbeat in Denmark this year. Sailing the “Classic Fyn Rundt” at first, Funen impressed by the total lack of any sailable conditions. No wind! Fair enough, the waters around the Danish island make a wonderful landscape to enjoy. Just make sure to have enough fuel a board!

With the “Classic Fyn Rundt” and the “BigBoat Challenge” following each other by just five weekdays, all signs were pointing to Kerteminde this year. Especially with the “BigBoat Challenge” being a cutting edge event. Taking place since 2009, this young but exclusive invitational regatta delivers top class inshore yacht racing to the “Baltic Circuit”.

With nine German yachts competing, sailing off Kerteminde made a good impression right off the starting line:

Tutima (DK46)

Audacious (Dubois 40)

Westwind (First 40)

Veolia (IMX 40)

Inschallah VI (J/V 41)

Josephine (Luffe 48)

Moana (Marten 49)

Ginko (Prima 38)

Cool Water (X35)

In other ways as well the entry- list was worth a look. Winds around 8 knots made racing tactical and demanding. In favour of the light conditions, on board “Inschallah” we could finally try our new light air set- up for this years racing: Changing back from asymmetrical to conventional kites was the first novelty, the second and by way more exciting addition to our wardrobe for sure is the new mast- head kite.

With “Inschallah’s” rig being anything but stiff in the mast- head section above the jumper, careful handling was more than necessary. Anyway, the new kite seemed to work quite well as we managed to deliver good speeds on the downwind legs in comparison to our ILC 40 sister “Karla 2”.

Kerteminde officials scheduled five races, three on Saturday, two on Sunday. Unfortunately, Sunday’s race five was abandoned due to somehow irregular wind conditions. What a pity we thought, being way on top of the fleet. However, with the first two races being held in 6 knots of wind, we struggled to gain adequate boatspeed. In race three, the wind increased to a solid 8 knots breeze which suited “Inschallah” way much better.

After the first day of racing, we found ourselves lying in 1st postion in class DH 1. Day two started of in light air and tricky conditions. Being even on points with 2nd and 3rd placed “Stony VI” and “Tricky”, it remained to be seen whether we were able to hold our position. Despite catching a left hand shift on the wrong side of the track, we somehow managed to stay ahead of “Stony” and “Tricky” and therefore on top of the leader board.


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