Classic Fyn Rundt

No wind at all at last weekends Baltic-Circuit event "Classic Fyn Rundt". Make sure to check back later for a full report.


Update: Impression from aboard J/V 41 „Inschallah VI“


Standing northwards of the island of Arö, the crew of „Inschallah VI“ decided to abandon the race after more than 30 hours of slow but intense racing. Being aboard “Inschallah” in the 2011 “Classic Fyn Rundt” reads as follows:

With the start on Friday- noon, conditions appeared to promise a near perfect long-distance weekend: Northern winds around 10 kts., clear skies and unlimited sight as far as the great belt bridge. What could possibly go wrong?

Having clear wind just after the start, “Inschallah” managed to gain ground towards the field. Approaching the belt bridge in good speed, the first tactical decision of the race just was about to be made: Whilst the local crews managed to bypass the shallow waters off the eastcoast of funen  on the favoured but shallow side of the island of Langeland, yachts as “Inschallah”, “Audacious”, “Uijuijui” and “HASPA Hamburg” chose the safer but longer passage in deeper waters which gave a slight advantage to comparable yachts nearby.

As “Tarok” and “Karla 3” were first to reach the right- hand shift near the funen coastline, the danish yachts managed to gain much ground on the german pack - But the next challenging part of the “Classic Fyn Rundt” regatta was yet to come: the passage of the Svendborg-Sound.

As narrow as a river and in times with comparable currents, Svendborg-Sound can quickly run up to it’s reputation of a surprisingly tricky piece of water. Sorrounded by a beautiful landscape, the crews had other things than site seeing in mind. In very low winds, it was the currents who dragged the boats anywhere but in optimal direction.

Somehow, most of the crews managed to stay clear of buoys and shallow waters and to catch a light breeze leaving Svendborg- Sound in the early evening. Unfortunatly, the breeze didn’t remain stable. As the “Inschallah” bowman entered the masttop near the island of Avernakö to look after fields of wind, stagnation made itself a home.

With boatspeeds around 0.5 knots, somewhere between Arö and Bagö, the crew on board “Inschallah” decided to abandon the race and to reach for Kerteminde.


Congratulations to every team who made it back to Kerteminde by sailpower only, this years “Classic Fyn Rundt” was a calm but a though one!