Helly Hansen Skagen Race 2011 - registration open

This traditional regatta celebrated it's 15th anniversary last year, and we continue this year. Almost the same way every year.

This year the regatta is also a part of the Baltic Circuit. Notice of Race is therefore now in English, as we hope to attract non-Norwegian speaking/reading sailors. Traditionally close to 300 boats has attended every year, except when the start has been as early as April 30, or the regatta has covered May 17th, Norway's Constitution Day, then the participation has been a bit reduced. So, welcome to both Norway and Denmark.

Bærum Seilforening is the organizing yacht club. Start is Wednesday afternoon from Åsgårdstrand in the Oslo fjord, we sail along the Swedish cost, where two marks has to be passed - often at night time, and finish line is just outside Skagen in Denmark. The majority of the boats normally finish sometime during Thursday, so it's possibilities for a "small" party on Thursday evening, and a "big" one on Friday - after the Price Giving Ceremony! Remember - Skagen is a really nice and friendly place.

Bærum Seilforening use registration and result services from SEILmagasinet. The English homepage for the regatta is http://www.seilmagasinet.no/regatta?regatta=425&act=&changelanguage=1. When you click ENTRY, you have to create yourself a user with password at SEILmagasinet. You can then log in, register for the regatta, and pay the entry fee with Visa or Mastercard. Registration is not complete until payment is registered.

If you go directly to http://www.seilmagasinet.no/, you will find the regatta in the menu on the left hand side; under "Regattaer 2011" you will find "HH Skagen Race 2011". You will also find link to the regatta pages from http://www.baerumseilforening.no/

Once again; welcome.

PS: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the persons listed at http://www.seilmagasinet.no/


You'll find nice pictures on http://www.seilmagasinet.no/