Exclusive Racing at Warnemünde

Exclusive_RacingOnly threeIRC-measured participants found their way to the hanseboot Open Offshore Regatta series in Warnemünde. Nontheless the three competitors enjoyed almost perfect sailing conditions and an interesting competition. After one medium distance race (which had to be shortened due to the wind conditions), two up & down races and the 250 nm Round Bornholm Regatta Friedrich Hausmann's "Uijuijui" won the series. In all four races the 22 years old Rainbow 42, a Danish ULDB built for fast downwind reaching took first place against the faster and bigger Andrews 56 "Norddeutsche Vermögen", a pacific sled operated as a youth boat by the Hamburgische Verein Seefahrt and the RP 56 "Schokakola", owned and skippered by Uwe Lebens.

Winner Bornholm: GER 4070 "Uijuijui"

The long distance classic Round Bornholm appeared to be particulary tricky with a lightwind start in Warnemünde and dying winds after the first 30 nm which compressed the field down to a factual restart. One of the particularities of Round Bornholm is, that the participants have the choice in which direction they round the island of Bornholm. This year the decision did not appear to be evident. Uijuijui and Schokakola took the island clockwise, whereas second placed Norddeutsche Vermögen and the winner of the line honors (under ORC), the V.O. 60 "Glashäger" (legendary former "Illbruck") went anticlockwise. As often in this race the way back to Warnemünde ended in a long upwind battle against up to 20 kn of wind and the choppy waves of the southern baltic sea. Not to forget that the overall winner of Round Bornholm and hanseboot Offshore Open under ORC was one of the oldest and smallest boats of the fleet: everlasting "Kea", a homebuilt 1/4 ton of the former GDR type "Hiddensee" showed the class of the 35 years old design and its small crew under local skipper and owner Andreas Wendorf.