Mike Urwin interview

murwin_interviewMike Urwin, RORC Rating office, Technical Director explains to Louay Habib some of the changes proposed to IRC, and the overall objective of the IRC rule.

LH: What is IRC's underlying philosophy?

MU: We want IRC to be a permissive rule. IRC Rules say it is for ballasted monohull keel boats with not more than two masts; those are the only fundamental restrictions we want to apply. So, if someone comes along with something novel, like water ballast or canting keels or asymmetric spinnakers, or bowsprits... we want to embrace that but until we get to understand what the new idea is all about, we try as hard as possible to be cautious in the way we rate the boats. If we don't know what the effect will be on the performance of the boat, we tend to over compensate. Do we always get that right? No. Do we then do something about it? Yes.

Read the full interview here: http://www.ircrating.org/en/concentric-circles/213-mike-urwin-interview.html

Tuesday, 06 October 2009