Visione 3.1 - Baltic Circuit 2013 Champion

For three years the Baltic Circuit has been held and in three years the circuit had three different champions. This year Per Weiskvist with his Visione 3.1 won the circuit pleasantly surprised, since he did not count on it. After a rough start in the season and due to the workload with only four races planned, the first two races (Aarhus Big Boat Race and Big Boat Challenge) didn’t leave much hope for a successful season with only two fifth places. But with the Classic Fyn Rundt the tide turned. Winning the Classic Fyn Rundt and the Rig Tig Race in his classes brought him high Baltic Points, since the starting fields were rather big in this season, which is the foundation for the Baltic Points. The best two Baltic Circuit Points of the Season are added to determine the champion of the course and since Per Weiskvist won the two biggest regattas in the Baltic Circuit the award is his.

He will be awarded with the Baltic Circuit 2013 Award in the Hamburg City Hall on February, the 8th 2013.

The next Baltic Circuit will be taken back to the roots in 2013, with 2 races per country in the Baltic, a sponsor and open to all handicap rules.