Visione 3.1 is still Baltic Circuit 2012 Winner

There are rumours about Visione 3.1 being deprived from winning the Baltic Circuit 2012.

Because of a subsequent protest hearing of the Tarok 7 in Race Rig Tig, the disqualification of the Tarok 7 was repealed. Therefore she placed 3rd and was given 28.900 Baltic Points instead of 10.000. Since the best two races are calculated for the overall winning of the Baltic Circuit, her two best results were 37.539 Baltic Points for the Big Boat Challenge 2012 and 22.500 Points for the Aarhus Big Boat Race.

After the change to Race Rig Tig and being placed 3rd, she gets 28.900 Points as the second best result instead of the 22.500 Points for Aarhus Big Boat Race. Which brings her to 66.439 Points. This leads to the 7th place of the Baltic Circuit.
Visione 3.1 made the 1st place in Race Rig Tig (36.100 Points) and the 1st place in Classic Fyn Rundt (39.347 Points). This sums up to 75.447 Points which makes her the clear winner of the Baltic Circuit 2012.

This calculation can be reproduced here and is open to public understanding.