The German Offshore Owners Association, in cooperation with Kerteminde Sejlklub and the owners of offshore racing organizations from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway launched in 2010 a new racing series: The  Baltic Circuit. This race series is based on the collective international scoring of established classical offshore races in the Baltic and North Sea.

Now, in 2011 the Circuit is open for all rating classes as ORC, IRC, DH, LYS and SRS and there is a further country in the series: Estonia!

The following offshore races will be incorporated in the calculation according to the number of starters and the result of each yacht. Further races are expected. The goal of the organizers is to promote the competition of international offshore sailors in the Baltic and motivate them to increasingly compete in races of neighbouring countries. Therefore, the two best results will be assessed for each yacht, taking into account the size of the participating field. Furthermore, extra points will be awarded for crews who participate in races of at least two different countries. Read more about the scoring...

The participation in the Baltic Circuit is free of charge. Just register HERE...


  Race Start End NM Club  
DEN Palby Fyn Cup 27.05. 29.05. DH/IRC/Texel Bogense Yacht Club 1
NOR Helly Hansen Skagen Race 01.06.     Bærum Seilforening 13
GER Late Night Cup Kiel - Fyn 01.06. 02.06. ORC/IRC/DH GER-OO/BKYC 14
DEN Classic Rundt Fyn 03.06. 05.06. DH/IRC/ORC/IOMR/Texel Kerteminde Sejlklub 2
FIN Volvo Suursaari Race 10.06. 12.06. ORC/IRC   3
DEN Big Boat Challenge Kerteminde 10.06. 12.06. DH/IRC Kerteminde Sejlklub 4
GER Nordseewoche 10.06. 13.06. ORC/ORCi/IRC   5
NOR Faerdern Race 17.06. 19.06. ORC/ORCi/IRC KNS Royal Norwegian Yacht Club 6
GER Hanseboot Offshore Warnemünde 02.07. 10.07. ORC/ORCi/IRC Warnemünder Segel Club 7
SWE AF Offshore Race 04.07. 09.07. ORCi/IRC Endorsed The Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS 8
EST Baltic Offshore Week 05.08. 07.08. ORC   9
DEN Big Boat Regatta Elsinore 11.08. 13.08. IRC/DH Helsingør Amatør Sejlklub (HAS), Swanklub Denmark 10
FIN Open Finnish IRC-Championship Regatta 12.08. 14.08. IRC HANGÖ UDDS SEGELSÄLLSKAP HUS rf. 11
GER Flensburger Fördewoche 07.09. 17.09. ORCI/ORC/IRC/DH Flensburger Segelclub 12
DEN Race RIG-TIG 08.10. 09.10.   Kongelig Dansk Yachtclub 15