OneWorld Racing Rule 2012

News_OneWorldRacing each other internationally with different boats - but how?

More than 20 different rating systems are making it almost impossible to sail international races - a stone age problem In times of global networks via internet. Why is it so hard to create a worldwide accessible "Open Handycap System", a OneWorld Racing Rule? So it is going to be quite exciting at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce when on February 12th, 2011 six internationally famous yacht constructors and more than 300 expected participants from 10 countries will be discussing the basics for a new international offshore global rating system at the 2nd International Yacht Forum ( It ist the aim of the Forum to include especially the yacht owners in the process of designing and to pass the recommendations over to the specialists in charge at RORC and ORC and as well as to ISAF. Basis of the discussion will be a concept of the German Offshore Owners Association, containing the opportunities given by today's IT and internet programming.

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OneWorld Racing Rule 2012 - a web app being the measuring system?

The technical background will be built by a global central database which will be be accessible via internet. With help of their user authorization, owners, constructors and measurers as well as the national associations will be able to update their data so that issuing a new measuring certificate will not take more than a few seconds and few personnel costs.
At the same time, organizers may deposit their races in the database, owners just click on it to register, and finishing and interim periods at the tons will be registered automatically for an online preliminary score.

Two values for greater flexibility

The new approach wlll be a divided and variable online measuring certificate, based on a global fundamental factor and in addition containing a regional politically weighed gross factor. The fundamental factor, internationally valid, (net TCF, time correction factor) will be evaluated with standard velocity performance prediction, which are connected to the database via interface. These international net TCF shall be formed under supervision of an international Owners Congress and be valid for example for championships. Regional fleet policy of the associations could further be provided by the regional gros factors who benefit serial boats and older or more comfortably equipped yachts with heavy weight. Since the political evaluation will stay transparent and public, international experience is likely to evolve and factors to converge.

Calculating measuring values free of charge

Apart from that, calculations free of charge would be possible at any time.
If an owner changes values like the sail area or weight of the crew of his yacht, the new TCF will be right at his service. On a higher level, endorsed TCFs, demand the electronic stamp of a measurer, would make sense. The online calculation could balance disadvantages that appear when a boat is not able to start a race with full crew count.

Investition security for owners would be raised by an internationally valid measuring certificate. At the same time, motivating yacht owners to participate in races by a regional factor is being left to the national associations.

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